(Subject to some last minute changes. Participants will be promptly informed of any)

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25th September, 2002

7:30-08:45     Registration
9:00-10:00     Opening Session
10:00:10:20    Coffee break
10:20-12:00    Session I    Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring
               Chair        Isao SATO and Tran HUNG
S-1-1    Monitoring Urban Surface From Space: Case Study of Ho Chi Minh City and Sourrounding Region
            Hung TRAN                            10:20-10:40
S-1-2    Study on Urban Growth of Hanoi Using Multi-temporal And Multi-sensor Remote Sensing data>
            Nguyen Dinh DUONG                    10:40-11:00
S-1-3    Satellite Imagery in the Study of Natural Resources and Environment of the Red River Delta, Vietnam
            Minh Dinh NGUYEN                     11:00-11:20
S-1-4    Fusion of High Resolution and Multi-source Satellite Images in the Study of Coastal Zone -Example in Hai Phong, Vietnam
            Phan Trong TRINH                     11:20-11:40
S-1-5    Country Report: Some Main Activities on Remote Sensing of Vietnam in Year 2002
            Tran Cong DUE                        11:40-12:00
12:00-13:00    Lunch Break
13:00-15:00    Session II    Special Session on ASTER and Demonstrations
                             of Data Products
               Chair         Yasushi YAMAGUCHI and Nguyen Dinh DUONG
S-2-1    ASTER Project Overview
           Yasushi YAMAGUCHI                    13:00-13:20
S-2-2    Applications of Terra/ASTER Data to Natural Resource Exploration
            Yasushi ARAKAWA                      13:20-13:40
S-2-3    Utilization of ASTER Data for Wetland Mapping of Kushiro Mire and Iriomote Island, Japan
            Toshiya SONOBE                       13:40:14:00
S-2-4    Lessons Learned in Developing the US ASTER Science Data Processing System
            Gary Neil GELLER                     14:00:14:20
14:20-15:00    Overview of the PALSAR System, Current Status of the
               ASTER/PALSAR GDS and related activities of ERSDAC,Japan
                  ERSDAC Team                    14:20:15:00
15:00-15:15    Coffee Break
15:15-17:35    Session III    Remote Sensing and Natural Hazards
Chair          Koji WAKITA and Mai Trong NHUAN
S-3-1    Monitoring Coastal Erosion in Red River Delta, Vietnam - A Contribution from Remote Sensing Data
            Tran Van DIEN                        15:15-15:35
S-3-2    InSAR Application for Land Subsidence Monitoring
            Isao SATO                            15:35-15:55
S-3-3    GIS and Image Analysis to Study the Process of Late Holocene Sedimentary Evolution in Balat River Mouth
            Tran NGHI                            15:55-16:15
S-3-4    Optical Images, DEM and RADAR Interferometry for the Study of Dien Bien Active Fault
            Phan Trong TRINH                     16:15-16-35
S-3-5     Land use/Cover Mapping of Mountainous Area Using Knowledge Based Classification Approach: Case Study in Backan Province, Vietnam
           Nguyen Dinh DUONG                     16:35-16:55
S-3-6    Prognosis of Landslide in Lao Cai-Sapa region
            Dao Van THINH                        16:55-17:15
S-3-7    Digital terrain Modelling with GIS: Nature and Practical Applications in Earth Sciences
            Nguyen Van DAI                       17:15:17:35
18:30-20:30    Welcome party

26th September, 2002

9:00-10:40    Session IV    Socio-informatics and Landuse/Landcover mapping
              Chair         Kiyoshi HONDA and Nguyen Huy PHON
S-4-1    Constructing a Demographic Database System for Analyzing the Japanese Religious Investigation Registers
            Hiroshi KAWAGUCHI                    09:00-09:20
S-4-2    Study on Food Production and Deforestation in the Mountainous Region of Northern Vietnam - A Cartographic Approach
            Vo Thanh SON                         09:20-09:40
S-4-3    Factors Impacting on Rural Livelihood in Northeast Thailand During the Period of Economic Growth
            Yoshikatsu NAGATA                    09:40-10:00
S-4-4    Land Use and Land Cover Change for South East Asia (A Case Study in Tamdao National Park)
            Do Xuan LAN                          10:00-10:20
S-4-5    Utilization of Land and Landuse Information System on Soils Derived from Weathered Basalt for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Central Highlands of Vietnam.
            Thanh Xuan NGUYEN                    10:20-10:40
10:40-10:55    Coffee Break
10:55-11:55    Session V    Groundwater Modeling and Management
               Chair         Shunichiro YOKOTA and Pham Quy NHAN
S-5-1    Evaluation of Ground Water Exploitation Reserves in Vinhyen Town by Numerical Modeling
            Pham Quy NHAN                        10:55-11:15
S-5-2    GIS and Groundwater Management in Germany
            Harro STOLPE                         11:15-11:35
S-5-3    Building a Model for the Groundwater Management in Red River Delta Plain by Using Visual MODFLOW
            Pham Quy NHAN                        11:35-11:55
11:55-13:00    Lunch Break
13:00-15:00    Session VI    Flood, Erosion Modeling and Mitigation
               Chair  Srikantha HERATH and Tran THUC
            Srikantha HERATH                     13:00-13:20
S-6-2    Understanding Impact of Spatial data Resolution in Flood Risk Modeling in a River Basin: A Case study in Yom River Basin,Thailand
            Dushmanta DUTTA                      13:20-13:40
S-6-3    Flood Warning and Evacuation System: An Integrated Approach to Disaster Mitigation in Bangladesh
            Nitin TRIPATHI                       13:40-14:00
S-6-4    Natural Disaster Vulnerability Map on Internet - Geoinformatics in Natural Disaster Management
            Le The TRUNG                         14:00-14:20
S-6-5    A process based approach to model soil erosion and sediment transport at regional scale
            M. HABIB-UR-REHAMAN                  14:20-14:40
S-6-6    Global Soil Lost Estimate Using RUSLE Model: The Use of Global Spatial Datasets on Large Scale Estimate of Erosive Parameters
            Nam Thai PHAM                        14:40-15:00
15:00-15:15    Coffee Break
15:15-17:35    Session VII    Spatial Data Management and Sharing
               Chair  Mamoru SHIBAYAMA and Nguyen Dinh HOA
S-7-1    Dissemination of the Spatial Data Using Internet
            Dang Van DUC                         15:15-15:35
S-7-2    Research and Development of Database of Oil Exploration and Production
            Mizuhiko SYOJI                       15:35:15:55
S-7-3    A Multi-Layer Algorithm for Discovering Clusters in Large Spatial Databases and its Application
            Quang LE SI                          15:55-16:15
S-7-4    Digital Geological Map Compilation Project in East and Southeast Asia
            Koji WAKITA                          16:15:16:35
S-7-5    Development of the Data-Sharing Mechanism for Geo-Spatial Information in Asia
            Kiyoshi HONDA                        16:35-16:55
S-7-6   Challenges of Using Open Source GIS - Experiences of Thailand
            Phisan SANTATIMONT                   16:55-17:15
S-7-7    Implementing a Web-GIS for Collection and Dissemination of Spatial Information using Open Source Software
            Venkatesh RAGHAVAN                   17:15-17:35

27th September, 2002

9:00-11:20    Session VIII    Spatial Modeling and Quantitative Analysis
              Chair  Kiyoji SHIONO and Tran NGHI
S-8-1    Optimal Determination of Geologic Surfaces Based on Field Observation Including Equality-Inequality Constraints and Slope Information
            Kiyoji SHIONO                        09:00-09:20
S-8-2    A New Model for Calculation of Fine-Grained Sediment Accumulation Rate in Rapid Accretion Zones
            Do Minh DUC                          09:20-09:40
S-8-3    New software package for Rittmann Norm Calculation
            Duong The HUNG                       09:40-10:00
S-8-4    Modeling Uncertainty in Land-use Data in Vietnam Application
            Tran Nhu TRUNG                       10:00-10:20
S-8-5    Role of Fractals in Scaling Spatio-temporal data
            Assela PATHIRANA                     10:20:10:40
S-8-6    Applying Some Techniques of Image Processing for Automatic Map Data Entry
            Ngo TAO                              10:40:11:00
S-8-7    From Geographic Towards Geoscience Information Systems
            Helmut SCHAEBEN                 11:00:11:20
11:20-11:35    Coffee break
11:35-12:35    Session IX    Geoinformatics Education
               Chair  Sohan WIJESEKERA and Dao Van THINH
S-9-1    A Graphic Science Education as a Public Lecture Making Use of Freeware, POV-Ray
            Hirotaka SUZUKI                      11:35-11:55
S-9-2    Incorporating a Flood Modeling Field Application in a GIS Training Module
            Sohan WIJESEKERA                     11:55-12:15
S-9-3    WinASEAN 4.0 - An Image Analysis Package for Environment Monitoring and Natural Resource Management
            Nguyen Dinh DUONG                    12:15-12:35
12:35-13:20    Lunch break
13:20-14:40    Session X    Change Detection
               Chair  Nitin TRIPATHI and Nguyen Truong XUAN
S-10-1    Determine change of Tien Giang and Hau Giang Rivers from 1978 to 2001 in area the Vinh Long province in Vietnam
            Nguyen Truong XUAN                   13:20-13:40
S-10-2    Geo-Environmental Research for Environmental changes of Can Gio mangrove forest, Vietnam
            Huynh Thi Minh HANG                  13:40-14:00
S-10-3    Application of information technology for environmental evaluation of the Cau river basin based on Arial photo-interpretation
            Nguyen Truong XUAN                   14:00-14:20
S-10-4    Use of NOAA/AVHRR Data for Flood Disaster Monitoring in the Mekong River Delta
            Hoang Minh HIEN                      14:00-14:20
14:20-14:35    Coffee break
14:35-15:00    Special presentation by Prof. Kiyoshi WADATSUMI, Founder President, Japan Society of Geoinformatics
15:00-15:20    Demonstration on LIDAR applications
                 Rejean SIMARD, GPR Lasermap Inc. (Canada)
15:20-16:00    Introduction to Poster Presentations
               Chair  Venkatesh RAGHAVAN and Hoang Minh HIEN
16:00-17:00    Session XI (Poster)
           Nguyen Dinh HOA
            Atsushi KAJIYAMA
P-1-2    Investigation and Evaluation of Landslides in Mountainous Areas of Tra Bong and Ve River Basins, Quang Ngai Provience, Vietnam
            Truong Xuan LUAN
P-1-3    DEM generation Using JERS-1 SAR Interferometry for Kagoshima area, Kyushu, Japan
            Alaa A MASOUD
P-1-6    3D Modeling and Visualization of Geologic Structure Using Open Source GRASS GIS
            Shinji MASUMOTO
P-1-7    Regularly depth distribution of Quaternary marine clay beds in the Osaka Plain and the geologic structure mapping
            Muneki MITAMURA
P-1-8    Development of SISGeM - An Online System for 3D Geological Modeling-
            Tatsuya NEMOTO
P-1-9    Directions for Development of Geo-technical
            Nguyen Huy PHUONG
P-1-10    Predition of Land Subsidence in Thanh Tri Area, Hanoi due to Groundwater Exploitation
            Nguyen Huy PHUONG
P-1-11    Geoscience Informatics - A New Curriculum at Freiberg University of Mining and Technology
            Helmut SCHAEBEN
P-1-12    Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS for Prediction of Natural Hazards in Hoa Binh Province
            Nguyen Ngoc THACH
P-1-13    Seismo-tectonic Features of the Red river Fault Zone in North Vietnam
            Tran Thi My THANH
P-1-14    MODIS Data for Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring in Indochina Region: A Study With Temperature-Vegetation Dryness Index
            Hung TRAN
P-1-15    Integration of Geological Data Sets Using Information Technology, An Innovative Approach to improve the Quality of Geological Mapping and Interpretation: A Case if Application from Canada and Vietnam
            Hai Thanh TRAN
P-1-16    Designing and manufacturing PC-based ground station HRS-200
            Bui Doan TRONG
P-1-17    Research For the bases and method of creating GIS Geo-technical Data Bank of Hanoi
            Pham Van TY
P-1-18    An attempt to construct slope hazard map based on spatial data of past failures
            Shuichiro YOKOTA
17:00-17:30    Closing Session
18:00-20:30    Farwell party

28th September, 2002

8:30-16:30    Field Workshop along Red River (For interested participants)
7:30-18:30    Visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site in Halong Bay
              (For interested participants)