International Symposium on GeoInformatics for Spatial Infrastructure Development in Earth and Allied Sciences

NEW Symposium Venue

Hanoi University of Science
19 Le Thanh Tong Campus
Hanoi - Vietnam
About HUS

About Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is one of the oldest cities in Southeast Asia. Hanoi
has always been a vibrant city, full of art and culture and is at present undergoing
rapid development.  There exists a modern Hanoi with luxury hotels and office complexes
alongside old and traditional quarters. 18 lakes in Hanoi are considered the giant lungs
with parks and trees lining the main boulevards. The magnificent Ha Long Bay lies some
180 km from Hanoi. The Noibai airport serve both domestic and international sector.
September is the beginning of autumn in Hanoi City and the climate is generally clear
and dry.