GeoInformatics for Spatial-Infrastructure Development in Earth & Allied Sciences: GIS-IDEAS 2004
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Conference Organizers and Key Partners

Organized By
    Japan-Vietnam Geoinformatics Consortium


Dr. Nghiem Vu KHAI (VN) and Prof. Takashi FUJITA (JP) - Chairpersons, JVGC


Mr. Dang Quang TINH,
Department of Dyke Management, Flood and Storm Control (VN)


Prof. Bui HOC
Rector, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (VN)


Dr. Trinh Xuan BEN, Department of Geology and Minerals of Vietnam (VN)
Prof. Akira IWAMATSU, Kagoshima University (JP)
Prof. Yoshinori IWASAKI, Geo-Research Institute (JP)
Dr. Bui Ta LONG, Institute of Applied Mechanics (VN)
Prof. Mai Trong NHUAN, Vietnam National University (VN)
Prof. Dr. Tran NGHI, Hanoi University of Science (VN)
Prof. Ryosuke SHIBAZAKI University of Tokyo (JP)
Prof. Kiyoji SHIONO, Osaka City University (JP)
Prof. Tetsuya SHOJI, University of Tokyo (JP)
Prof. Kuniyoshi TAKEUCHI, Yamanashi University (JP)
Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim THOA, Hanoi Institute of Geophysics (VN)
Dr. Tran THUC, Hydro-Meteorological Service of Vietnam (VN)
Dr. Ngo UT, Forest Inventory and Planning Institute (VN)
Dr. Kouji WAKITA Geological Survey of Japan, AIST (JP)
Prof. Shuichiro YOKOTA, Shimane University (JP)


Dr. Ho Dinh DUAN, Asian Institute of Technology (TH)
Dr. Nguyen Dinh DUONG, Institute of Geography (VN)
Dr. Dushmanta DUTTA, The University of Tokyo (JP)
Dr. Srikantha HERATH, UN University (JP)
Dr. Nguyen Dinh HOA, Vietnam National University (VN)
Dr. Kiyoshi HONDA, Asian Institute of Technology (TH)
Dr. Truong Xuan LUAN, Hanoi Univ. Mining and Geology (VN)
Dr. Shinji MASUMOTO, Osaka City University (JP)
Dr. Muneki MITAMURA, Osaka City University (JP)
Dr. Yosuke NOUMI, Okayama University of Science (JP)
Dr. Phisan SANTITAMNONT, Chulalongkorn University (TH)
Prof. Mamoru SHIBAYAMA, Kyoto University (JP)
Dr. Vo Thanh SON, Vietnam National University (VN)
Dr. Nguyen Ngoc THACH, Hanoi University of Science (VN)
Dr. Nitin TRIPATHI, Asian Institute of Technology (TH)
Prof. Yasushi YAMAGUCHI, Nagoya University (JP)
Mr. Vern WEITZEL, UNDP Vietnam (VN)

Principal Contacts

    GIS-IDEAS 2004
    Symposium Secretariat
    gisideas2004 at

    Department of Environmental Information Study and Analysis (EISA)
    Institute of Geography, NCST of Vietnam
    18 Hoang Quoc Viet Rd., Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Phone: +84-4-7562417
    Fax: +84-4-8361192


    Dr. Hoang Minh HIEN and Dr. Venkatesh RAGHAVAN
    hmh at and raghavan at

Funding and In-Kind Contributors

    Asian Institute of Technology (TH)

    Association of Japan Alumni (VN)

    Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University (JP)

    COE Program SELIS, Nagoya University (JP)

    Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition'70 (JP)

    Department of Dyke Management, Flood and Storm Control (VN)

    Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center (JP)

    Embassy of Japan in Vietnam (JP)

    Graduate Schools of Creative Cities, Science & Media Center, Osaka City Univ. (JP)

    Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (VN)

    Hanoi University of Science (VN)

    Japan Geotechnical Consultant Association (JP)

    Japan Society of Geoinformatics (JP)

    RNUS, AIT/University of Tokyo (TH/JP)

    United Nations University (JP)

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